Making Better Food Choices for YOUR Animal Companion!


We know that today there are myriad of commercial pet foods on the market. We are bombarded with information all over the web. Pet food companies invest millions of dollars each year by creating misleading packaging. It can be quite confusing and deceptive. The most popular option today is to feed  kibble or commercially packaged food to our pets. I hear people so often say to me, “well, my veterinarian said to feed my dogs this brand of commercial pet food.”

Did you know that Veterinarians have little or no education on nutrition for pets? Vets are not Nutritionists. There seems to be a huge disconnect between veterinary care and nutrition. Many veterinarians will admit that their only formal education on nutrition was covered in just one course in veterinary school. The same goes for many medical doctors ( see article)

The TRUTH is that most commercial pet foods have all kinds of garbage in it.

Did you know that pet foods are cooked at such HIGH temperatures that any nutrition in the food pretty much gets destroyed/and or killed? Many pet brands also use fillers, additives, guts, roadkill, euthanized animals, down factory farm animals, dyes, genetically modified foods, mites, yeast, etc..

It is your right to to be fully aware of what is out there to make your pet food decisions. Diet is 90% of the root cause of many diseases. Most animals will not even show signs of kidney failure until about 70% of their kidney function has already been lost.

It is crucial to feed your dogs the best optimal diet. We wonder why our animals are getting sick.  There is a rise in degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, allergies, kidney, pancreatic problems etc…

Did you know that 1 out of three dogs are getting cancer??

Over the last 80-100 years a majority of what people are feeding their animal companions is a kibble diet consisting of 60% carbohydrate, very little moisture and minimal, and low quality protein lathered in fat fillers to get your pet addicted?

The best way we can love and supports our pet’s well-being is to feed them a whole, live, nutrient dense diet.

To find out more schedule a Animal Wellness Consultation through Phone or Skype.

  • Get your questions answered
  • Nutritional guidance
  • What food is best for your pet on your budget
  • Holistic alternatives

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