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Dogs and Cancer; When Your Vet Tells You to “Go Home. “

Lately, I’ve been coming across many people telling me that their veterinarian has instructed them to, “NOT TREAT THEIR PET’S CANCER” due to location, size, or that they are unable to remove it. As far as they were concerned, nothing more they could be done, besided chemo, so the words, “JUST GO HOME AND SPEND WHATEVER TIME YOU HAVE LEFT” is their only advice.

First of all, I can’t tell you how absurd that is. We can clean, strengthen, and regenerate the pet’s cells and tissues through DETOXIFICATION because ALL cancers are inflammation of acid build-up of cellular toxicity. I wish I had understtod this years ago when I started an animal rescue charity in Los Angeles. Back then I did everything the veterinarians instructed me to do. I allowed aggressive therapy treatments on myself and the animals.

Chemo has the PH much like that of draino or battery acid, which results in more over-toxicity. At first, these treatments will appear to reduce a tumor or stop cancer, but then it ends up coming out more fierce throughout the body.

DETOXIFICATION is essential in the elimination of abnormal cells. I’ve witnessed many individuals and pets take back their health and thrive after a diagnosis of having weeks to months to live. When we address the imbalance, instead of suppressing symptomatology, the DETOX process will strengthen cells by removing obstructions and acids that cause inflammation, and block nutrition to the cells.  For this to be effective, we also need to understand and support how the organs and body systems work.

Supplementing on numerous isolates will not help in the restoration of cells, either. I see many holistic practitioners load up dogs (and people for that matter) on dozens of supplements. The body sees these isolates as foreign substances in the body and cannot metabolize them because they are inorganic and not in whole natural form.  Sure, some may see a little improvement at first, but its all a waste of time and money in my opinion.

Do yourself a favor and DITCH all the supplements. Get on a whole body feeding system with foods that are alive and species appropriate. Follow nature. Do not allow any person or doctor tell you that “nothing else” can be done.

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