Why I Won’t Use MSM With My Pets

MSM (Methylsulfonlmenthane) is a supplement promoted for people and pets with
arthritis. MSM contains a sulfur-containing isolated compound and is a fungal proliferate. These isolated compounds are lymphatic suppressors and although MSM has been reported to help take pain away in the beginning, long-term usage may lead to fungal issues and serious health problems. Sulfa turns into uric acid in the body which actually “results “in Rheumatoid arthritis.

It’s almost daily that I hear someone has put their pet on a MSM supplement. People are always shocked to learn of my opposing view because so many people, medical doctors, Veterinarians, and holistic medical professionals alike support and promote these so-called health aids.

Dr Robert Morse, N.D. has found in his 40 years of practice that almost all of his clients with pain due to arthritis have a very high sulfur content. The last thing we want to do is put more sulfur in the body.

As you can see from this person’s eye photo, the orange color signifies high sulfurorange and fungus. The eye should be blue. Sulfur leads to damage by getting into the gut wall and making one feel like they have IBS or acid reflux all the time. ( see issue of “Osteoarthritis and Cartilage”, published in 2006, Dr. L.S. Kim)

In many of today’s TV commercials companies are even coming out with skin care products that are free of sulfates. They seem to be aware of the dangers of sulfa yet these billion dollar supplement companies are still promoting internal usage. Something is VERY wrong with that.

Instead of getting stuck in treatment based thinking and using these isolates that cause more problems in the body, the focus should be on the kidneys and the lymphatic fluids. In many cases where people or pets have Rheumatoid arthritis we also find that adrenals are down. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys and they are important because they supply neurotransmitters and steroid production.
We have seen many people and animals detox these acids out of the body with an alkaline diet and herbal detoxification protocol.

For many years,  I was bought and sold on MSM products. I thought they were healthy. I thought they were the answer to help the animals in my care.  Today, I am more interested in looking at the reasons behind a health ailment and working on regeneration and cleansing the natural and safe way.  Looking at the body as a whole and treating the body not the dis-ease.

Like many of you out there I, too don’t want my pet to suffer but its important to understand the dangers and the long-term effects of these isolates and supplements circulating in the pet care world. If it’s not from nature or in organic form then it is probably a wise decision to avoid it.

I recommend an herbal product to help alleviate joint pains.  Although we must understand first and foremost that detoxification is the core focus, this formula was created in addition to help remove inflammation (anti-inflammatory) from the tissues of the body and to assist the body in rebuilding its tissues. Dr Morses Healthy Joints can be purchased through Ourbotanicals.com



Keep it simple, pure and natural.

Blessings be,

Tamra Rose ~ Rawlife Health Coach ~ Natural Healing for Hands, Hoof and Paws~ http://www.rawlifehealthcoach.com


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