Three Health Benefits of Going Vegan

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As time goes by, a larger amount of people are deciding to make the switch to a vegan diet. Whereas veganism used to be something that was considered a little “taboo”, it is now widely regarded as a diet that is good for you in many ways. Not only that, but it is also known as one of the best ways to help the environment and the animals. In fact, according to several studies, going vegan was named as the single best thing anyone can do to reduce carbon emissions and reverse global warming – even more than if you were to stop driving a car altogether.

But while we can go on and on about the many benefits of veganism, that’s not where we’re here to do today. Instead, today we will discuss the many benefits that veganism offers for your health. It is a diet after all, and many people could benefit from a diet makeover. Why not make veganism the next diet you try and stick to?

Whether you’re still skeptical about veganism or are ready to jump straight into your (hopefully) new diet and lifestyle, we’re here to help. As mentioned earlier, a vegan diet comes with many benefits for just about every aspect of human existence, but today we’ll focus on health. Let’s take a look at three of the many health benefits of going vegan.

It can help you feel more energetic in your day (or night).

If you’re like many others, you may be suffering from a lack of sustained energy throughout the day, even if you’ve had your fair share of sleep. If you’re hoping to have more energy in your days (or nights), give a vegan diet a try.

Animal products are very heavy on the gut which makes them difficult to digest. As a result, it takes your digestive system more energy to digest meat and other animal products, thus causing you to feel more lazy and fatigued.

On the other hand, plants are easy on the gut. They’re packed with nutrients, water-dense, and give you a better overall bang for your buck, calories-speaking.

#2: You’ll be able to drop weight easier.

If your struggling to shed those last few pounds, a vegan diet can help you finally get the results you’ve been wanting. Several studies show that vegans tend to be slimmer and have an overall body mass index compared to their meat-eating friends.

The thing is, vegetables and other plants have a much lower caloric density and are high in fiber. This means that you can eat larger portions of plants, feel full, and still be eating fewer overall calories. Cool, right?

#3: It decreases your risk of bad health conditions.

Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are some of the most common diseases that affect people around the world. While genetics do play a role, a large part of whether you develop these diseases or not is what you feed your body. You are what you eat, after all.

Research has proven that when you forgo animal-derived foods and opt for more fresh fruits, vegetables, and other plants, you’ll have a much lower risk of developing these bad dis-eases. In fact, studies show you’ll have as much as a 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure and nearly a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease (such as hypertension and heart failure).

You’ll also enjoy a much lower risk of developing many types of cancers, such as colorectal and lung cancer. Meanwhile, animal-based products have been proven to be filled with toxins like carcinogens and actually increase your risk of developing all the above diseases.

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