Whats Really In Pet Food?

The Strange Link Between Human Grade And “Feed Grade” Commercial Pet Food Unfortunately for us concerned pet owners, the U.S. commercial pet food industry is not held to the healthy standards we would expect and want for our four-legged family members. These sub-standards regularly leave our pets at unnecessary risk for short and long-term negativeContinue reading “Whats Really In Pet Food?”

News! Fresh Fruit Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Diabetes and Diabetic Complications

In a research article published in PLOS Medicine, Huaidong Du of the University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom and colleagues report that greater consumption of fresh fruit was associated with a lower incidence of diabetes, as well as reduced occurrence of complications in people with diabetes, in a Chinese population. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/04/170411151024.htm

The Natural Healthy Pill Holder for Dogs

Many people want to know how to get dogs to eat their herb capsules without having to use those toxic “pill treats” that are clearly not healthy or natural.   A great alternative are dates. They are a good source of various vitamins and minerals and dogs love them. Dates are also a good sourceContinue reading “The Natural Healthy Pill Holder for Dogs”

Dogs and Cancer; When Your Vet Tells You to “Go Home. “

Lately, I’ve been coming across many people telling me that their veterinarian has offered no further treatment options for their dog with Cancer.  The have instructed them to “NOT TREAT ” due to location, size, or inability to remove it. As far as they were concerned, nothing more they could be done. First of all,Continue reading “Dogs and Cancer; When Your Vet Tells You to “Go Home. “”

Iridology for Cats and Dogs

Iridology is such a great tool not only for humans but for cats and dogs. Iridology is not intended to directly diagnose health issues, but many practitioners believe that monitoring the color, patterns, and textures of the eye are indicators of trouble. I use these dog and cat charts to help me distinguish and revealContinue reading “Iridology for Cats and Dogs”

Making Better Food Choices for YOUR Animal Companion!

We know that today there are myriad of commercial pet foods on the market. We are bombarded with information all over the web. Pet food companies invest millions of dollars each year by creating misleading packaging. It can be quite confusing and deceptive. The most popular option today is to feed  kibble or commercially packagedContinue reading “Making Better Food Choices for YOUR Animal Companion!”

How to do a Liver/ Gallbladder FLUSH

~Written by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. This process helps to remove liver stones and gallbladder stones. Items Needed: 8 ounces of pure, cold-pressed, extra virgin organic olive oil 6 to 8 ounces of freshly squeezed (if possible) pink grapefruit juice or the juice of 2lemons Freshly squeezed apple juice (enzymes assist with reducing nausea) Optional:Continue reading “How to do a Liver/ Gallbladder FLUSH”

Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue?

Basal Temperature Test, Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue. HOW TO TAKE YOUR OWN BASAL TEMPERATURES A NORMAL READING IS BETWEEN 97.80- 98.20 When your basal temperature is below 97.8, this shows varying degrees of hypothyroidism. When your temperature is above 98.2, this may indicate hyperthyroidism. Basal temperatures between 97.0 and 97.8 are much easier to cure thanContinue reading “Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue?”