“Exclusive” Pet Vacation Service

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With over a decade of experience in animal care and rehabilitation, Tamra Rose offers private and exclusive pet vacation services for many of her clients.

She is available to pet sit local to Hollywood Hills, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Burbank, Valley Village and Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.  She does not advertise and keeps your clientele small. She may only care for one or two family pets at a time, so every pet gets the attention and quality of care they deserve.

While you are away for business or pleasure, give yourself a personal and individualized “worry free” pet sitting service when away from home or on vacation. Pets are more relaxed and stress free when in their own familiar environment.

Each pet visit is approx 30  minutes in length.
(Medication, feeding, walk, and waste removal included)


1 x a day $30

2 x day $60

3x a day $85 

Overnight Stays (10 hour  minimum, includes two 15 min. walks) $85

Hike $45 ( pick up and drop off)

Reiki Sessions

Price $65

House calls available in Los Angeles, Studio City Location

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”)  is a Japanese word which translates to “Universal Life Force energy.”It is designed to release energy blocks and increase the body’s natural ability to relax, and  promote healing to balance the body, mind and spirit. It can be used as a healing system for humans as well as animals.
Sessions are safe and effective for your animal companion. It can be to used
in harmony with regular veterinarian care to promote healing and well being. 
Treatments help support healing, improve circulation, reduce stress, separation anxiety, enhance range of motion, support post-surgery recovery, and helps clear the energetic blockages that affect your pet’s natural ability to fight disease and so much more.
Shamanic- Reiki Healing allows for as more aggressive and direct treatment. These techniques have been used by the oldest tribal traditions of the indigenous all over the world. With this energy, I can channel a powerful and non invasive and gentle energy. It can benefit your pet emotionally, spiritually, and physically while also creating self healing.

Pet Sitting Policies & Procedures


We offer a free consultation in your home. At this time we meet you and your pets and walk through your daily pet care routine. Before the consultation, we email our service forms. The service forms should be completed by the time we meet for our consultation.

Our service forms include:

Must fill out all forms located on bottom of contact page

Last minute consultation for new clients:

An in-home consultation to meet you, your pets, and to go over your pet care routines, collect our service forms and retain two working keys. If you have an unusual circumstance and cannot meet with us, but can provide a key to your home, and access to your pets, please call or email. We can discuss special arrangements.

Animal medications

If your pet is on medications, please leave us written instructions regarding the current medication routine EACH TIME you travel. Make sure your pet’s medications are kept in a safe, enclosed area away from the pet’s reach.

People Aggressive Animals

We do not provide care to any type of aggressive animals or those with a bite history. This includes pets that have behaviors such as growling, showing or threatening to use their teeth or claws, charging at or chasing people coming in or trying to leave the home.

We do not take LARGE dogs to dog parks or to off-leash areas.

Emergency Contact:

Anyone designated to be your emergency contact person in our records must be reachable during the time you are out of town. They must also be willing and able to enter your home and be trained to care for your pets. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, in case something happens to you while you are away, or if our sitter for any reason can not continue providing care for your pets there is someone identified who is able to assume responsibility for your pets.

Backup Sitter

In case your assigned Pet Sitter is injured, ill or has an emergency, another back up siitter will be assigned. It is our policy that your pets are not left without scheduled visits.


If it’s too hot, cold, or stormy outside, or your dog resists their full-length walk, your scheduled block of time will be spent on inside activities.  If a walk has to be cancelled, you will be notified and will not be charged

Payment for Pet Services

Payment for services are submitted at least 2 days before services begin or are left on the counter for our first pet sit. We prefer to use Paypal /Email Invoicing Systems for all service transactions, but do accept checks and cash that can be left on the counter.

Checks or Cash:

If Paypal is not used, the client is required to leave payment for services on the counter along with the New Travel Information Form at the time of our first pet sitting service. We are not set up to invoice clients for service fees after they return.


Refunds or credits are given at company owner’s discretion.

Early Return:

A 24 hours notice must be given to receive a full credit for unused services. If a 24 hour notice is not given, we retain one full day of service fees, and the balance will be issued as credit in most circumstances.

Scheduling Services

Regular morning & evening visits:

It is recommended that you book services at least 2 weeks prior. However, we try very hard to accommodate our established clients on last minute notices, but cannot guarantee services under those circumstances.

Email for Pet Care Inquiry:



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