Kidneys and Detox


Kidney Filtration is of most importance in cleansing the body so it can rebuild cells and restore glands, organs, and bodily systems. Imagine if your home used a septic waste removal system and you never pumped out the waste. Eventually, the waste would back up into the septic lines and, in time, you couldn’t even flush the toilet, because the waste would have no where to go. That’s exactly what happens when your lymph system stops removing toxic cellular waste. When lymph waste is removed properly by the kidneys, the urine will have sediment in it. Sediment should be normal, but many medical doctors, think that clear urine, free of sediment, is “normal.  Most people in developed countries today have backed up lymphatic systems with weak kidney function and don’t know it. This is due to our ever changing genetics and past 100 years of processed foods, high protein and acidic diets.

Watch this video: A big thanks to fellow Certified Detox Specialist- Ojai Herbal Healthclub, Mark Gordon for these informational public domain videos:)


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