Iridology for Cats and Dogs

Iridology is such a great tool not only for humans but for cats and dogs. Iridology is not intended to directly diagnose health issues, but many practitioners believe that monitoring the color, patterns, and textures of the eye are indicators of trouble.

I use these dog and cat charts to help me distinguish and reveal body constitution, inherent genetic weaknesses, and levels of health. The eyes are fascinating. They can show tissue conditions, inflammation, toxicity, acidity, and a congested lymphatic system The lymphatic system is where all diseases begin.

I offer  Animal Iridology assessments as a part of my Complete Animal Health Consultation. Together we can strategize the feeding and herbal protocol once we see what’s going on within the body.

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Making Better Food Choices for YOUR Animal Companion!


We know that today there are myriad of commercial pet foods on the market. We are bombarded with information all over the web. Pet food companies invest millions of dollars each year by creating misleading packaging. It can be quite confusing and deceptive. The most popular option today is to feed  kibble or commercially packaged food to our pets. I hear people so often say to me, “well, my veterinarian said to feed my dogs this brand of commercial pet food.”

Did you know that Veterinarians have little or no education on nutrition for pets? Vets are not Nutritionists. There seems to be a huge disconnect between veterinary care and nutrition. Many veterinarians will admit that their only formal education on nutrition was covered in just one course in veterinary school. The same goes for many medical doctors ( see article)

The TRUTH is that most commercial pet foods have all kinds of garbage in it.

Did you know that pet foods are cooked at such HIGH temperatures that any nutrition in the food pretty much gets destroyed/and or killed? Many pet brands also use fillers, additives, guts, roadkill, euthanized animals, down factory farm animals, dyes, genetically modified foods, mites, yeast, etc..

It is your right to to be fully aware of what is out there to make your pet food decisions. Diet is 90% of the root cause of many diseases. Most animals will not even show signs of kidney failure until about 70% of their kidney function has already been lost.

It is crucial to feed your dogs the best optimal diet. We wonder why our animals are getting sick.  There is a rise in degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, allergies, kidney, pancreatic problems etc…

Did you know that 1 out of three dogs are getting cancer??

Over the last 80-100 years a majority of what people are feeding their animal companions is a kibble diet consisting of 60% carbohydrate, very little moisture and minimal, and low quality protein lathered in fat fillers to get your pet addicted?

The best way we can love and supports our pet’s well-being is to feed them a whole, live, nutrient dense diet.

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How to do a Liver/ Gallbladder FLUSH

~Written by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.


This process helps to remove liver stones and gallbladder stones.

Items Needed:

  • 8 ounces of pure, cold-pressed, extra virgin organic olive oil
  • 6 to 8 ounces of freshly squeezed (if possible) pink grapefruit juice or the juice of 2lemons
  • Freshly squeezed apple juice (enzymes assist with reducing nausea)
  • Optional: a preparation to aid in the softening of possible stones, such as PhosfoodLiquid or Gods Herbs Liver/Gallbladder formula
  • Optional: Intestinal cleansing formulaSuggested Preparation:
  • Three days of eating mainly raw fruits and vegetables (organic preferred)
  • One 8 ounce glass of freshly juiced apple juice in the morning and one in theevening, for three days
  • Three days of bowel detoxification. Use an intestinal cleansing formula (e.g. GodsHerbs Stomach & Bowels Formula), with formula strength depending upon your bowel regularity. Use a gentle formula if bowels move at least one time daily; a moderate-strength formula if bowels move at least once in a two-day period; and a strong formula for bowels that resist regular movement
  • In lieu of herbal detoxification, an individual may choose to take an enema one-day prior to the flush. It is important that your bowels are moving well
  • Optional: You can add 45 drops of Phosfood Liquid to your apple juice two times a day (A.M. & P.M.) This will help loose and soften any stones you might have.NOTE: No solid foods should be consumed after noontime on the day of the flush (fresh fruit juices or distilled water are acceptable).Directions:
  1. Stop all fluid intake at 6:30pm, or thirty minutes before the flush is started
  2. Begin the flush between 7pm and 9pm, or as you wish
  3. Mix or blend 8 ounces of olive oil with 6 to 8 ounces of pink grapefruit juice or thejuice of two lemons
  4. Consume at a rate that best suits you. You may wish to consume it all at one time, oryou may consume 1⁄4 cup every 15 minutes, or you may drink it even more slowly. After the olive oil is consumed you should retire for the evening, lying on your right side.


  • If nausea and/or vomiting sensations are experienced, the olive oil/citrus juice mixture can be chased with small amounts of freshly-made apple juice. Resume consumption of the mixture as soon as possible. If the feeling of nausea continues, consume only as much of the mixture as you possibly can, then go right to bed, lying on your right side.
  • Watch stools for stones. Stones are usually green, but may be yellow, red, or black. Stones range from pea-size to that of a quarter, or larger. Most liver or gallbladder stones are soft in nature, as they are lipid/bile stones.
  • With degenerative problems, the liver and gallbladder flush should be supervised by a health care professional.

Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue?

Basal Temperature Test, Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue.


When your basal temperature is below 97.8, this shows varying degrees of hypothyroidism. When your temperature is above 98.2, this may indicate hyperthyroidism.

Basal temperatures between 97.0 and 97.8 are much easier to cure than temperatures in the 96s or 95s. These temperatures are chronically low, requiring much more aggressive detoxification and herbal therapy.

Raw thyroid glandulars and organic iodine may be needed with low basal temperatures. Most underactive thyroid conditions are congestive in nature, coming from mucus, acids, and foreign proteins that literally clog the tissues of the thyroid.

Hyperthyroidism, especially, is also a congested condition. Detoxification is the main key to eliminating these thyroid conditions.

Today, many people have genetically weak thyroids. The answer is always the same: detoxify and strengthen these tissues and the body. Give it time. It could take you a year or more to change these chronic levels.


Your blood is the most inaccurate medium in showing hypoactive hormone production. Thyroid (T4 and T3) hormone activity is much better indicated by the Basal Temperature Test, which was created for this purpose. )

Adrenal steroid and neurotransmitter production are also not measured properly by blood tests.

The basal temperature test is quite accurate when the temperature is tested in the axilla (armpit) each morning for a period of four days. If the temperature is consistently low there is a hypo (under) function of the thyroid gland, in spite of what the laboratory analysis indicates. The temperature should be taken immediately upon awakening with the thermometer held snugly in the axilla (armpit) for a full ten minutes. Be sure to record each reading accurately. It is your accuracy that determines the value of the test.

Before retiring at night, shake down a thermometer and lay it beside your bed on a night table or chair. BE SURE IT IS SHAKEN DOWN.

When you wake up the next morning don’t get up or move around. Place the thermometer under your armpit, pressing your arm against your bare body. Relax and LEAVE IT THERE FOR TEN MINUTES BY THE CLOCK. Take it out, read it, and write down your results. THIS RECORD OF YOUR EARLY MORNING BASAL TEMPERATURE IS A GREAT AID IN DETERMINING HYPOTHYROIDISM. One of the most important issues of hypothyroidism is calcium utilization and metabolism issues.

Source: Dr. Robert Morse, N.D