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Just like in people, animals can have energy blockages stored in their bodies from past traumas, poor diet, injuries, and vaccinations. The application of holistic health, natural hygiene and detoxification principles allows animals to release traumas and bring their bodies back into balance and health. Consultations are a unique opportunity to learn and experience healing for both you and your animal and to deepen your understanding of your pet’s wellness and emotional needs.

Giving You the Support To Be An Active Participant In your Pet’s Wellness.

Dogs, cats, and horses are being diagnosed with serious medical conditions. It is now estimated that one out of every 3 dogs will get cancer. We are seeing an epidemic in the decline of pet health due to numerous environmental toxins and feeding of commercial pet foods. These two factors alone have greatly contributed to the increased cases of chronic illnesses. More animals are suffering from an array of symptoms like allergies, itchy skin, yeast infections, GI tract issues, bad breath, gooey eyes, tumors, incontinence, lethargy, hypo-thyroid, sugar metabolism issues, anxiety, bone and joint issues, seizures and more.

Diet Is Everything:

You will find your pet companion will feel better, look better, and smell better when fed a species appropriate diet.  Animal friends deserve optimal health and vitality.  For your animal companion to stay healthy and thrive, a diet consisting of whole natural foods is essential.

Dogs should be eating a diet consisting of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and some raw meat to thrive while the feline diet requires a raw, low-fat diet of animal proteins.

Diet plays an important role. Our animals must consume a diet that is biologically appropriate for their species. That means getting back to the way nature intended and understanding that cooked and processed foods (are dead foods.) These cooked processed foods and are not natural. Our pets need a diet full or nourishment. No animals in the wild cook their food. Raw whole foods are what nature intended for all of us.


Our commercial pets foods have been falsely marketed and implemented for “human convenience” and not for the benefit of our animal’s quality of life.  If our animals cannot metabolize, digest, absorb, and utilize their nutrition within the body, the body will begin to become unbalanced. When one system is compromised, others will follow. This is when a poor weakened state of health arises also known as “di-seases.”

For instance, if a dog’s kidneys are not filtering, (a process that filters out toxins out of the body) one may see wastes being eliminated through the skin in the form of rashes, hives, yeast infections and so on. The skin is known as the 3rd largest kidney so this is a pathway of elimination.


is my foremost goal and mission. My hope is to teach every one of you how to take charge of your animal companion’s well-being and preventative health care.

Each animal consultation is unique. It is based upon your pet’s current state of health, history, as well as your goals for your pet.
Our personalized Animal Cellular Regeneration and Detoxification programs have attracted many animal lovers and caretakers who have exhausted the conventional veterinary medical field with little or no results.  Many are left feeling hopeless and financially depleted from the expensive treatments of supplements, natural products, and conventional drugs and other therapies. Unfortunately, many doctors and even most holistic practitioner’s alike, only know how to treat symptoms.  We have gotten lost in treatment based thinking. Their protocols are geared to “treat the disease” but these concepts merely circle around deep core problems by not addressing the root cause as to why their pet’s health is failing in the first place.  We have lost touch with nature and true healing and have relied too much upon heavy antibiotic and steroid use which causes numerous side effects that damage, overload, and suppress the healing modality of the body. When we continue to prevent the body from eliminating time and time again, health issues will eventually just come back in a far worse state, leading to cancer, tumors, inflammation or fatality.


Detoxification is a natural process that takes place in the body. However, in a weakened state, many domesticated animals are needing more than just a “healthy whole food diet” to cleanse and regenerate failing health. This is where cellular botanical herbs come in. Due to inherent genetic weaknesses of the animals from years of poor diets,  herbs are crucial to this detoxification process. Botanical herbs have medicinal properties that are highly intelligent. They are natures greatest gift to us. The AMAZING news is, by feeding our dogs, cats, horses, pigs a whole food diet and implementing cellular botanical herbs, glandular therapy, and intermittent fasting, the body has the ability to fully recover from failing health.

One very important step as your Animal Health Coach & Cellular Regeneration Specialist is to guide you through the detoxification process. Knowing how and when to adjust herbal protocols and diet comes with experience. I will advise you when to “slow” down or “deepen” a detox diversifying the herbs accordingly.The current health situation of your pet can be reversed or greatly improved no matter what you hear and no matter what label of dis-ease “they” have given you. The body is miraculous and has the capability to heal on its own given the correct support.

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