Restoration of Bowels


Poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems. Proper nutrition can be blocked from the cells and the accumulated waste in the colon may lead to many health problems like head aches, cloudy thinking, bloating, abdominal pain, and even heart arrhythmias.

When the walls of the intestines are coated with layers of sticky plaque by the foods we eat, the nutrients the body needs to properly function and perform to its highest potential cannot be absorbed. This plaque is also referred to as, ” mucoid-plaque.” It is a breeding ground for parasite infestation and a by-product of refined starches, sugars and dairy products.

Foods like wheat-gluten an corn are a few of the foods included in this factor (gluten is a thickening agent that is an unnatural protein for the human body.) This glue hardens the walls of the bowels.  The small intestine allows these proteins to be released in our body causing inflammation and damages the small intestines while healthy tissues get attacked. This affects the GI tracts ability to break down food and absorb nutrients

Bowel Restoration

A big thanks to fellow Certified Detox Specialist- Ojai Herbal Healthclub, Mark Gordon for these informational public domain videos:)

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